Branded Video Conferencing and Messaging

Watch and Learn replaces email and some meetings inside your business

We are seeing a general shift away from email and live calls to messaging.
Email inboxes are less effective than messaging groups.

Get away from the traditional inbox

Working in groups gives everyone in your team shared screencasts of progress.

Video Conversations, aligned

Instead of threaded Emails and walls of text in your inbox, videos, voice notes and screencasts in Watch and Learn are posted in groups or timelines.

Videos are better than emails

Watch and Learn makes it easy to see and hear important information in a searchable library of videos.


Video Calling

Start a Video Call with no software to install.

  • Live Video call any member of your team
  • No apps or plugins needed, just open up your browser and start calling
  • Can’t call? Post a video, voice notes or text message
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Increase Collaboration.

Discover social video that will transform your business.

  • Record videos on any device anywhere including iOS and Android
  • Live transcription saves time and effort
  • Powerful search and tagging of videos
  • Create your own public or private branded video site
  • Video message on timelines, in groups or to individuals

Humanising Communication & Learning

Here are a few key points on how Watch and Learn makes communication more enriching.

  • PRACTICE SKILLS: Sales and customer support teams can record, share and learn from their peers.
  • KNOWLEDGE SHARING: The perfect platform for peer to peer knowledge creation and sharing of expertise.
  • SOCIAL CONNECT: You can connect with professionals similar to you and learn from them.
  • MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS: Choose your preferred platform, whether video, audio or text.
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Watch & Learn Overview

A quick video giving you an overview of the Watch & Learn platform...

Create and Share Smart Videos

Instantly create videos on your computer browser or mobile apps.
As you record your videos live transcription automatically creates your text.


Powerful video search, as and when you need it, for effective performance support 'on the job'.


Quickly send screen-casts and 'talking head' videos - for new product launches and your latest offers.


Rapidly give feedback between business champions, product owners and developers during agile development.


Feedback on elevator pitches, open-ended questions and objection handles with video coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we are asked. However please do contact us if you want to know anything else.

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What types of business can use Watch and Learn?
The platform is suitable for a variety of businesses and brands to use as for On-boarding, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Appraisals and Knowledge transfer.
Can you brand the platform?
You can create your very own public or privately branded video site which works across all platforms be it web or mobile.
Does it have a Google Chrome plug-in?
Yes, you can also download the Watch and Learn Google Chrome plugin to enable quick recording and sharing of screen-casts via the Chrome Web Browser on your timelines, your groups and your private messages.
Can you review your content before sharing it?
Yes, you can review all the content you create, including videos, before you share with others.

Download App

You can download the Watch and Learn app for Android and iOs here.

Find out how to get the most out of Watch and Learn by downloading our handy user guides!

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or want to request a demo, please get in touch.